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When it comes down to SoundCloud promotion you have a few choices. Googling this term usually brings up several kinds of websites. These can be summed up as websites for;

1) Purchasing followers/plays, etc.
2) Purchasing an app that will help you with your SoundCloud promotion tasks (bot)
3) Exchanging reposts
4) Using download gates or funnels
5) General SoundCloud Promotion tips

There is also a sixth option which is going through paid music channels with thousands of followers and getting them to promote your music (similar to option number 3), but for the average SoundCloud user, this option is unattainable in most cases ñ or reserved for the more established artist.
Because of this we will deal with the first five options mentioned;

1) Purchasing followers/plays, etc.
2) Purchasing an app that will help you with your SoundCloud promotion tasks (bot)
3) Exchanging reposts
4) Using download gates or funnels
5) General SoundCloud promotion tips


1) Purchasing followers/plays

The first option on our list usually delivers non-organic (fake followers) or plays. The use, the actual value of these is debatable. It can be useful if you are in the numbers game and need a quick surge in your followers count. If you have a good mixture of real plus fake followers, purchasing a certain amount of fake followers can work ok.
Otherwise if you are a new artist, wanting to get those first 1000 followers, it will look strange if your followers are all named JHJ001 or JOHNMSHB298126 with 0 tracks, 0 followers and no profile picture. It will be very obvious that something is not right.

For artists that want their first 1000 followers, I would personally reccommend to choose another method.
These artists are those that want their first exposure and a reaction from a real listener, a sincere comment or a like. And they want a decent profile to show off to potential record labels, and a follower count is very important for this.

For these artists, I highly reccommend they beef up their accounts with a bot. And this is sincerely spoken, not just because we sell one. The author of this text was in this situation himself and can relate very well.

Also please note, fake followers are not true listeners, they will not buy your latest track, they will not be interested in your music, they will not play your tracks. This is just for numbers only. Also these packages are often expensive and can come from shady sources. Be careful.

As far as fake plays go, these are a slightly better deal than followers, since you cannot trace these as fake.
Please visit this article for pros & cons on purchasing plays.

Also please note that SCHelper will be adding this feature (plays) in its next version as a free update to all web-app users.


2) Purchasing an app that will help you with your SoundCloud promotion tasks (bot)

This option however is more tempting than the first one. You have apps that can do the daily follows/unfollows for you, and in return you can get more users following you back. The percentage of users you get following you back (the followback percentage) vary greatly depending on your artist profile. Usually, it is never under 10%, but if you have a more established artist profile (or a label profile, or a podcast series profile, etc.) these numbers can dramatically increase.

Now, the apps that offer this kind of service are usually in what you would call the “grey” zone. Meaning this; any kind of automated following or unfollowing goes against the SoundCloud TOS, but nevertheless you see this every day being done by users worldwide. Ever tried running an artist agency? Ever tried running a label? Daily following tasks can be daunting. Ever heard of Schedugram? Itís the same thing applied to Instagram. Taking this to the extreme, ever heard of Google? The googlebot crawls and indexes your websites on a daily basis and is the largest technological company in the world. It is a bot also. But I digress, so letís get back to the topic, shall we..

There are also apps (bots) that offer more “advanced” functionality, basically delivering as many (fake) plays as you would like, or creating fake SoundCloud accounts and then using those to follow the main account. For many users, fake plays and fake followers are a line in the sand which you do not want to pass.
Some of these also offer auto-commenting or auto-messaging features.

Our app is a bit different than other apps of this type, and has certain features only available to us, if we are not being too subjective : )
I believe we are not.
Please read more about bots, specifically our product here.


3) Exchanging reposts

Exchanging reposts has become very popular in recent months.
So what does exchanging reposts mean?
This just means that you agree to repost a track from a user with a similar number of followers as you. In return the other user reposts your track.
There are sites on which you can register, find users preferrably with a similar target audience of followers as you, and exchange reposts with them. You repost their track to your followers, and they repost your tracks.

However, for this to work properly you need to have a SoundCloud account with a certain number of followers already existing. The more followers, the better. Read on to see how we can help you achieve this goal.

Exclusive to this guide to SoundCloud promotion in 2024, we will be discussing how you can create your own promotion network with a huge number of followers, and register this network on either one of the repost exchange sites. This way you will be able to reach a huge number of followers instantly and all your efforts might pay off extremely succesfully.

We will be discussing this option in detail here. Please visit and read all about it, since this information is exclusive to soundcloudhelper.com and you will not find it on any other SoundCloud promotion guide.


4) Download gates or fan gates or funnels

These work on the principle of giving away an MP3 of a track in exchange for a SoundCloud follow, repost, and so forth.

When you upload a track to SoundCloud or YouTube, you can customize the buy button to say “Free Download” and link it to the gate for that particular release. Some of the listeners will want to download your track, but before they can do so, they have to perform the required social interactions, such as follow you, like your track or follow your record label.

This phenomenon has changed how music is promoted as most gates allow multiple users to be included in exchange for one download. In other words, as already mentioned, for this one MP3, you may have to follow the original artist, a promotional channel and a record label.

Please visit our dedicated article on more info on Download gates and general SoundCloud promotion tips.


5) General SoundCloud promotion tips

Most of these tips tend to be generic SEO fodder (meaning a lot of SEO friendly words, lengthy texts that basically tell you what you already know) but we’ll try to compile a few completely white hat, useful tips for SoundCloud promotion, that never hurt to mention again.
Click here.

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