Music is your passion. If it were up to you, you’d spend all your time writing and performing. But if music is also your business, you have to leave the studio and do some legwork to promote it. At some point in your career as a musician you have been on your SoundCloud account looking at your dismal SoundCloud plays. You have wondered if it is right for you to buy SoundCloud plays and get those numbers up so that you look more successful to people who come by your page.

Here’s some of the Pros and Cons of buying Soundcloud plays:


  • It’s a great way of kickstarting a song. Instead of starting from zero plays, you can start from a few thousand and quickly put things in gear.
  • It helps strengthen your Social Credibility. A boost can make your song look very popular and will attract more people to listen to it.
  • It can attract a lot of attention, including from the media, record companies and agents.
  • It can make you go viral. While this isn’t always what happens, we have seen songs that went viral during our tests.
  • Encourage Conversation and get people talking. You can buy Likes and Comments as well to get people talking.



  • The SoundCloud Plays are not targeted in most cases. While you can increase your plays, you canít determine who listens to your music, or where they are in the world.
  • In most cases, buying SoundCloud plays is only meant to boost your play count and nothing more so proper marketing is still important!
  • Buying SoundCloud Plays isn’t exactly the most publicly acceptable practice, so you’ll have to keep things on the down low if you do it.
  • Scams are everywhere. A lot of the companies don’t either deliver what they promised, or are intentionally trying to scam you. Be wary.

Ready to get SoundCloud Plays?

Cool! Choose a reputable company, and avoid shady websites. There are a lot of sites out there that claim they are ìthe best social media services providers. It is up to you to do the work. Do some research, check some review sites, etc.

Still having second thoughts? Buying SoundCloud Plays isn’t for everyone, agree? But you can still gain more plays and fans the natural way. Itís not hard to be successful with music. It just takes some work. By following these tips to promote your music on SoundCloud, you’ll grow your presence both on and offline.

  • Create a marketing plan that lays out your goals, so you know what success looks like.
  • Know where your target market is by looking around and getting a solid idea of who your potential fans are.
  • Get into the data with SoundCloud Pro, Google Analytics, and other analytics platforms on social media.
  • Promote your music on social media so you can start creating organic buzz online by engaging fans.
  • Use a SoundCloud marketing company to get you your initial dose of social proof, so your online profiles look good to your potential new fans and tastemakers.
  • Reach out to tastemakers once youíre ready to blow up. Wanna make it big? Get your music to the ears of those who already have followings.
  • Work SoundCloud some more and close the loop. More and more, online artists are made by SoundCloud, so make sure youíre always there.

If you take these steps and proactively promote your tracks to the right listeners, you will succeed. It will give you the social proof you need to persuade both listeners and influencers that you are worth their time.


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