As far as SCHelper is concerned, the app was developed firstly as a desktop app for macOS because there wasn’t an app like this for macOS. We also innovated with scheduled following / unfollowing, so you don’t have to manually run the app each and every day. We also implemented and innovated with a feature of saving all followed/unfollowed users in the database so they don’t get followed again. These two features were and still are unique to our product. And this is why our app was different from the start.


We have started the app with primarily following and unfollowing users in mind, making the app a simple but a powerful one, with tweaks and improvements in it in order to really bring it to what we imagined. This has been very successful for us, and the app was bug-free as it can be. Also I think it was the most advanced in regards to the follow / unfollow processes, because when you get inside these, there are a number of little things that you have to pay attention to, to perfect it.

The reason we didn’t implement features like Auto-like or Auto-comment was because the percentage of followers gained via these methods were too low compared to the Follow process. So it wasn’t a priority for us.

However, SCHelper has now evolved, and is now a web-app, meaning it is accessible to users from every platform, desktop as well as mobile. With this, we will be adding more features to it, while retaining its simplicity of use that we have come to be known for.

The features we might be adding, we have mentioned a few in the text, but maybe it is best to keep this a secret for a while. But rest assured our users will be pleasantly surprised.

Please note: when using a bot like ours, you will not only gain real organic followers but also assorted plays, likes and other social actions. You will get people interested in your content. So what this is, is basically very affordable advertising and a good option for your SoundCloud promotion needs.


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