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SoundCloud Promotion Networks



A good strategy for promoting your content is simple and we’ll try to explain it a bit here.

Recently there have been a lot of sites popping up for exchanging reposts.

The idea is simple; you exchange reposts with other SoundCloud users with a similar target audience as yours, and get more instant exposure.

Now for this you must have an account in good standing, meaning with at least 1000 followers.

This means you first must gain these 1000 followers.

The easiest way to do this is with the use of a bot.

What is interesting as well, the more followers you have on your account, the better the exchange rate that you can achieve. Acquiring a large number of followers on one account with a bot can be time consuming.

So how can we help you in this case?

Simple. Open up multiple accounts on SoundCloud. But be careful to avoid all the spam filters, and keep these accounts in good standing. Meaning post at least one track – do not repost it, but upload it to SoundCloud.

Then make some reposts on the account. Create a nice name and artwork for your future promotion channels (your new accounts). Keep the accounts with no automated activity (no bots) for a few weeks. Like tracks manually if needed.

Then let’s say you have 10 SoundCloud accounts. So now instead of getting only 1000 followers in a few months, you will gain 10 000 followers in a few months, if you automate the acquisition of followers with our promotion tool (bot).

This way you can promote your stuff by exchanging reposts much more efficiently; you can apply to exchange reposts with users who have a similar number of followers, in this case 10 000.

This is very effective. And can grow exponentially.

What does all this mean for you?

Well first of all, our services are very cheap as it is. It is 14.99$ for three months of activity on one account. However for 10 accounts and above we offer bulk discounts. Please contact us for more info on this and we’ll make a good offer for you, which will jumpstart your endeavours in SoundCloud promotion in no time!

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