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Get 200-2000 real followers monthly!


For new artists*


For growing artists


For established artists & labels

Meet SCHelper!

Here are some of our great features!

100% REAL Followers!
Only real people
SCHelper follows the followers of an artist similar to your style. In return, they follow you back and engage with your profile. You get REAL followers and an organic boost in all your stats.
Simple As Two Clicks
Simplicity and efficiency is our motto.
You can start using the app in a few clicks. Literally. Set it up and watch your account grow quickly and securely. Use Cycle mode for automatic operation.
100% Organic boost
Get plays, shares, likes
People that you follow will see your profile and follow you back. They will also listen, share and like your music. You will create a buzz around your music in no-time. This is a 100% organic process.
Works on any platform
SCHelper works in the cloud on our servers. Get your credentials after purchase, login and start using the app. Works on any platform with an internet browser!
Cycle mode
Set it and forget it
Turn on Cycle mode for automatic operation. App will switch between following and unfollowing users. Just sit back and watch your account grow!
Keep your existing followings
Keep the people that you followed manually. When Whitelist is selected, the app will not unfollow people you followed manually .

How it works

SCHelper works on any device and any system
that has a browser with an internet connection.

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Easy to begin

It takes less than 5 minutes to start

Sign in

After you choose a subscription plan that fits you and pay for it — sign into your SCHelper account.


Choose an artist that is similar to your style to target his audience and increase yours. Schedule the app if you want and prepare...


When you are ready, press the ‘Start’ button. Sit back, relax and watch your account grow!

Conquer the
music industry!
SCHelper helps you spread your music around the world and expand your audience!
1-month subscription
1 month of activity on one account
Buy plan
No discount
A month of subscription means 30 days from the moment right after the payment is accepted.
6-month subscription
6 months of activity on one account
Buy plan
10% discount
Six month subscription is 180 days from the moment right after the payment is accepted.
*You will be charged for a 1-month, 3-month or a 6-month subscription depending on your choice. The subscription is recurring, however you can cancel it at any time by turning AutoPay to off inside the app or via your payment method provider.

Discover What Our Customers Love

Read the stories of success of users who have used SCHelper.

The YellowHeads
Techno DJs from Spain
SCHelper is an incredible tool for all kinds of artists, it helps your profile a lot, getting many likes, repost and new followers, the results we've seen is amazing!, Definitely, it works! Thanks SCHelper!
Daven Andreas
Techno DJ from France
Time saver, game changer". Here are the best words to describe the SCH service. To reach your audience and find the best one to target takes a lot of time. SCH makes it easy and fast. You can work more on your music. And because the bot just does what you can do manually, I don't have the impression of being cheap!
Hip-hop performer from the United States
I’ve been using SCHelper for about six weeks now. I am pleasantly surprised with the increase of engagement my music has received! SCHelper makes it easier to reach new fans. More re-post and comments are great for any release! What an amazing tool for an independent artist like myself.


You wonder — we answer

How many SoundCloud actions (follows & unfollows) are allowed per day?
95 follows per day. For unfollows you can go a bit higher.
What are the user requirements for SCHelper?
SCH is a web-app. You can use it with any desktop (macOS, PC, Linux) or mobile platform.
How many new followers can I gain with a three month subscription?
Depending on the settings in the app, and your artist profile you could expect 600 new followers plus assorted plays, likes etc. each three months. For established artists this number greatly increases!
Can I follow only PRO (or non-free) users?
Yes, it’s one of our features.
What payment options are available?
We use PayPal.
Is my SoundCloud account secure with your app?
Absolutely. We have been working since 2016 and we never had a single problem with any one of our customers’ accounts.
How do I login with my credentials?
You will receive your credentials after purchase. You will receive two e-mails, one with your credentials and one with a receipt. Please also check your junk and spam folders, since one of the messages could go there, while one might go to your regular inbox.
How much money will updates cost?
Updates are free for the lifetime of the product.
Can I cancel my subscription after three months?
Of course, if three months of activity is enough for you, you can choose not to extend your subscription.
Where do I get support for the app?
You can use the support form here, or e-mail us directly here. Please do not send big attachments or spam here since these will be deleted.
Can I use multiple SoundCloud accounts?
Yes. Connecting multiple accounts is possible from inside the app. You can purchase subscriptions for any additional accounts you want. We also offer bulk discounts. Contact us for more info.
What is your policy on refunds?
We provide refunds to any customer on the basis of non-functionality of the app. If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back. One exception is that we do not provide refunds to customers who forget to cancel their subscriptions when they no longer need them.

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