Released on 15 May, 2017


Hi everyone.
We’ve noticed a small bug with the new cycle feature, the app wouldn’t entirely correctly switch between follow and unfollow modes when using this new feature.
We have fixed this as soon as it was brought to our attention.
Please update your software by downloading it from our website.


First uncheck “Start app on system startup” on your existing copy of the app, and then quit the app using CMD+Q.
Unzip the new downloaded file and move the new .app file to your original SCHelper folder (parent folder). You can overwrite the old one freely. Don’t worry, all of your databases and settings will be saved if you put the new .app file in the original parent folder of the application.

Control-Click on the .app file and select Open.
Please don’t keep multiple copies of the app on the system. If you want you can zip the old .app file version.

Sierra (10.12+) users: Unzip the .app file in one location, and then move the .app file to your parent folder. It is important to move the .app file, not the .zip, to the folder, otherwise the app won’t work. Do not unzip in the parent folder.

More info

We’ve received some questions about installation.
The app creates two .dat files in the folder where it is located – one is for the info you input in the app and the other one is for the activation. Additional database files are created for each username you input in the app. These are extensionless files also located in the parent folder, named after the username you input in the app.

When updating, just make sure you put the new .app file in the parent folder where all the app’s other files are located and everything will be running normally, it’s as simple as that.

For Sierra just follow the additional step described above, which is required because Apple introduced something called App.Translocation in Sierra, which is some technical stuff really not all that important to the end user.

Basically, it means that Sierra runs all the downloaded apps from an intermediary location, and in this case the Helper app wouldn’t function properly. Therefore it is required to change the location of the unzipped .app file (move it), and then App.Translocation doesn’t occur anymore (the apps run from their correct location). Hope that clears everything for you curious ones.

Thanks and happy following. : )

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