We have been working for some time now on a web-app version of SCHelper and it’s finally here. This has been in our plans for some time, since we have had a lot of inquiries from PC and other platforms’ users.

All of our customers using the desktop version of the app can continue doing so with no extra charges. For those of you who would like to migrate or try out our new web-app version of SCH, you can do so from now on. These would be people that want to use multiple accounts or people that use their laptops out a lot and want to remove the desktop app completely.

Our web-app is a subscription based service, but with affordable prices.  Three months of service is priced at 14.99$. Inside the app a 6-month subscription costs 27.99$. That comes down to a bit more than 4$ per month!
We offer multiple account linking, and for this we can also offer bulk discounts for people that want to use a big number of accounts.

We have had very little to no bug reports whatsoever on our last desktop version of the app, with very good reception with our customers.
Most of the questions we receive on our support mail are about lost activation codes, or codes not sticking, because some users skip the step of moving the .app file from its original unzipped location to a new one. And that is basically all we get in our support inbox.

We will try to do the same with the web-app. Any new features that we add will be added to the web-app, and you will be notified of these.

Stay tuned for more announces, we should be announcing a new promotion network soon.

All the best,
SCH Team.

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