We are very glad to present the new update to SCHelper.

From the start the app was meant to be used on a schedule, something that would work in the background and you would only have to set it once and forget about it, while in the meantime you just watch your SoundCloud account grow. Something like you do with a web app. The only difference was that we decided to do a native Mac app because there wasn’t a product like this for the Mac platform.

But basically, the Helper is envisioned and works like a web app.

Now we ironed out some bugs and added user notifications appearing only in case something goes wrong, so you know the app needs your attention. Other than that you are completely free to focus on other things once you get the app running. We implemented a lot of error catching and a lot of work has been done “under the hood”.

Less used features

(as far as I’ve noticed from our users):

  • scheduling daily follows/unfollows
  • restarts when the computer restarts
  • works after the computer comes back from sleep
  • remembers its following tasks after restarting the app or restarting the computer (session storing)
  • adds users to a database so you don’t follow or unfollow the same people more than one time

So basically, thanks to error catching, the new calendar-like user notifications and the new features, the app is now fully self sustaining. Meaning you can take your laptop to a gig, shut off the app, not use your computer at all for a few days, or let the computer sleep, and when you get back to the keyboard, the app is there doing its thing.

Of course you can also use it manually, to do your followings when you want it.

 New features

  •  User notifications
  •  1st unfollow those not following back
  •  Cycle

The second feature is self explanatory and was requested multiple times.

The third feature is one of those feats where the app shines; when checked it waits for the app to go to 2000 users following on your account, then unfollows, and then repeats. So it’s follow up to 2000, unfollow to 0 and repeat. All done via daily schedule. You just check it and leave it. And watch your numbers grow.

We now have a real mean following machine here, so give it a go, we’re sure it will be even more than you thought it would be. Best of all it is all FREE, as our way of saying thanks.

There you go, thanks go to our developer Igor who worked hard on this update, to our SEO Ninja – Dimitar, and all our users. I think Apple would be proud.  : )


First uncheck “Start app on system startup” on your existing copy of the app, and then quit the app using CMD+Q.

Unzip the new downloaded file and move the new .app file to your SCHelper folder. You can overwrite the old one freely. Don’t worry, all of your databases and settings will be saved.

Control-Click on the .app file and select Open.

Sierra (10.12+) users: Unzip the .app file in one location, and then move the .app file to a new folder. It is important to move the .app file, not the .zip, to a new location, otherwise the app won’t work.

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